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Viva Wikings-NSK!

Wikings-NSK is the oldest student club in Antwerp. It is said that a student club was founded as early as 1884, which later went on to become Wikings-NKS. The club now has more than 1,000 members.

As a faculty club, they try to organise interesting and relaxing events for students of the Faculty of Business and Economics and other students. They work with a large number of partners to help graduates every year as they search for a job. In addition to this, they also organise major and fun parties for Antwerp’s student community. But that’s not all. You can also find them at various events every week, ranging from cantuses, to sports competitions, FIFA nights and everything in between.

If you want to join the Wikings on a pub crawl, head to their favourite pub, De Salamander on Monday.

There is one thing that stands out in the history of Wikings-NSK. The theft of Manneken Pis. Obviously done with the best of intentions…

In times of corona, the student club is still keeping busy. They have already organised a TD Isolé, with 350 students dancing along from their kot. And there’s plenty of other fun stuff in the pipeline, so stay tuned! If you need something to keep your mind sharp during the countdown, check out their club anthem here.

During the upcoming exams, Weduc of Wikings-NSK is at your service. They have an on-campus course materials service, (online) information sessions and an online platform with exam questions and summaries.

Follow Wikings-NSK on Facebook, Instagram and their website


This article was written for, an online platform that was created in times of corona at the request of the University of Antwerp.

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