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Throwback academic year 2019-2020

Academic year 2019-2020 is slowly drawing to a close. We are determined not to remember it as the year in which COVID-19 brought everything to a standstill but to keep the memories of this platform and all your great activities and pastimes alive. Let’s face it: “the year in which we fed the penguins during a livestream” sounds a lot better than the year in which we all switched to online learning”? Or how about “the year in which Bart Peeters sang a song for us to wish us good luck with our exams”? Or “When Andy Fierens invited a guest to tinker with a machine full of questions every two weeks”? Or “When we did yoga/took a BBB class/tried boxing remotely”?

You are the real stars of this academic year. We got to know you even better thanks to this platform. You made face masks, lent a helping hand where people needed you, came up with creative ways to keep in touch with each other, from online game nights to group chats on Discord. You have made us proud. Join us as we look back.

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