• Ridge Michiels

Love from Dubai

Osama Ismail, student in sustainable automotive engineering

“As soon as they asked us to work and follow courses from home, I returned to Dubai. It seemed quite logical to me: I preferred to be at home with my family rather than in a small room in Antwerp. I found it difficult to get motivated in the beginning. I just couldn’t bring myself to get started. It caused a delay for my Master thesis, a delay I just can’t afford for now! That is why I work every day as if I was still in Belgium. It really helped, I’m back on schedule. Although I would prefer to be in Belgium, because I really like it there.

I do see the benefits of the situation to be fair. Ordinarily I wouldn’t see my family for the next six months, but now they are here with me. And the daily sun and temperatures of 23°C were a welcome change from the cold and rainy winter in Antwerp!

I don’t think I’ve ever spent this much time in my kot. At first, I thought that it would be very difficult and boring, but I actually find it to be easy. The streets are empty so going out is not that tempting. We are not allowed to take walks here or go for a drive in our cars. It’s better that way though. We must take our responsibility, seize this opportunity, because it may be the only chance that the world will give us.”

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