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Q&A: your mental health during corona

Updated: May 19, 2020

When you scroll through social media, it is even more noticeable than before: we are competition bugs. Person A has baked banana bread, person B is creating a website, person C is busy with another fitness challenge… Everyone seems to take advantage of this period to do "something constructive". And you? You are not feeling it.

Feeling "meh" is okay. You can easily admit that too. But what if those moments pile up and it becomes harder to talk about them?

Self-care is super important, especially in corona times. That is why we have set up a talk with a student counselor, DJ Eagl and a student.

Would you like to have lunch with us and learn about your mental health? Check in during our livestream on Wednesday 20 May at noon.


(* = bring your own lunch)

Do you have a question or a problem that our student counselors can help you with? You can send these (anonymously) using the form below. They will answer them during the broadcast.

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