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Every day our editorial team receives plenty of tips and tricks from people through the contact form on our website. We have listed these in this article. Thank you for your suggestions!


In addition to my online courses, I also work in my local Proxy Delhaize because some of the employees are absent. I find it important that they can continue to operate so that people can buy food. I’m happy to contribute to this. If you don’t have a student job at the moment, because pubs and restaurants are closed, check with your local supermarket whether they are hiring.


Having no physical contact with someone you love for over a month is difficult. Make plans for the future and try to be creative in how you express your love <3


Working at my old desk, studying remotely, more than 255 km from university in my parental home… Meh… I remember when I used to think that lectures were (sometimes) boring. It feels like being in limbo, and we all have no choice but to embrace the uncertainty. We just have to make the best of it. What keeps me sane? Taking loads of walks with the dog, physical exercise and keeping my mind sharp.


Every morning I make a planning schedule of all the courses that I want to study today. I make sure to exercise every day (I go running every other day, alternating runs with a workout) and I practice my hobbies, mainly in the evening and whenever I can (playing the piano, drawing, reading…) which helps me unwind.


Make sure to keep a clean kot, follow all the lectures and, finally, dust off your old hobbies. Making loom bracelets, crochet, playing old Nintendo games, getting reacquainted with my yo-yo… All very nostalgic (and somewhat addictive)!


Use Windows Teams in your group of friends and log on with your e-mail address ( You can add a planner, and use your phone or computer to enter assignments, projects, and deadlines. You receive notifications and a user-friendly schedule of what you have to do. If you log on with the above e-mail address, you have everyone in your contact list and you can easily add other students to your team. You can also use this platform to chat and adapt files live (including Word and PowerPoint). Highly recommended for anyone who is struggling with the lack of structure during this difficult period.


If your grandparents haven’t made it into the digital age yet, why not write them a letter? You can print off some photos and add them to your letter if you want. A great way of letting them know you’re thinking of them.


Every day, I take a 2.5-km walk with my mum after lunch. It gives me a sporty break during my studies in addition to some quality time with my mum.


Now that everyone’s running errands and shopping for other people, it may also be fun to bring people some food or a treat. I’ve already left pancakes in a bag on people’s doorstep, ringing the bell quickly and then taking the required steps back to respect social distancing. I really enjoy people’s praise for my baking skills too.


Have a fun idea or did you think of a great initiative? Let us know!


This article was written for, an online platform that was created in times of corona at the request of the University of Antwerp.

Are you keeping busy and staying creative in quarantine? Let us know!

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