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Throwback Blok Break #1

On Whit Monday, we also took some time out from revision to stretch our legs with a 15-minute Pilates workout during the very first Blok Break! Instructor Paola Zampierolo made us all extend, stretch, sweat, and breathe in and out.

"I’ve been working for Pluspass and Sportsticker for several years already. I only teach Pilates there because that’s my speciality! Usually a Pilates class will take about one hour. This 15-minute workout was a teaser for the classes that I’ll be teaching next academic year. Pilates really is a good opportunity to take some time out for yourself. You don’t think of anything else. The focus is on you. That is why it’s such a great workout… and such a great fitness system to teach, of course!

I record my current Sportsticker classes at home. I sometimes also teach online classes using Zoom. So you might say that I’m used to teaching online classes, but the livestream was something else! I found it all very exciting. I did miss not being able to see the students, though. I miss their feedback during class. COVID-19 makes me miss all those lovely times, but it has also provided me with plenty of opportunities to tackle things differently. Everyone has adapted, which I think is really amazing.

I’m a dancer and an actress, in addition to studying physiotherapy at UAntwerp. I have five written exams to take, some on campus and others in Antwerp Expo. It’s not an easy period, but we have to continue to believe in ourselves, we can’t give up. This may sound like a cliché, but it is so important! This too shall pass. And if you need to relax and unwind, then put on your favourite music, turn up the volume and dance in your living room, like I do. Or do some Pilates exercises!”

Watch the livestream again here.

You can find a list of the available UAntwerp Pluspass classes here.


This article was written for fromyourkot.be, an online platform that was created in times of corona at the request of the University of Antwerp.

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