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This was Yanuka Moniaga’s morning work-out

You were all up early on Wednesday 15 April to stretch your legs with Yanuka Moniaga. Our fellow student, who is studying rehabilitation sciences and physiotherapy, had put together a solid workout for all of us!

After some warmup exercises, we got started. What followed was an intense work-out with plenty of breaks and a refreshing cooldown.

Yanuka was quite satisfied with her audience. “This was the first that I did an online training. It was quite tense. Did people understand what I was saying? Wasn’t I going too slow or too fast? When should I take a break? But I’m sure that everyone did a good job!”

Afterwards Yanuka took the time to review her livestream workout. “It was very strange to see myself on screen. And while it was fun, I really look forward to training people face to face again.!”

You can follow Yanuka on Facebook and Instagram.

Did you miss the Livestream? You can watch it again here!


This article was written for, an online platform that was created in times of corona at the request of the University of Antwerp.

Are you keeping busy and staying creative in quarantine? Let us know!

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