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This summer brings … TWO virtual AIESEC events

Global Leadership Day

AIESEC was established in 1948 by students from seven different countries who came together in Belgium to raise a new kind of international collaboration. The aim was to bring together young people from all over the world in order to promote peace and combat discrimination. They would achieve this through internships and volunteer projects.

AIESEC is the world's largest youth organization and focuses primarily on developing leadership qualities among young people. The Global Leadership Day is a new initiative by AIESEC. It is a 24-hour virtual event at which various speakers will discuss the topic of leadership and more specifically leadership among young people. It is divided into four time zones, so that young people from all over the world can follow along. The event will include keynote talks, workshops and panel discussions and will take place on June 12-13. More information can be found via this link , where you can also register (be quick because places are limited).


AIESEC in Belgium brings you something new!

We came to the idea of “Beyond AIESEC” when the corona pandemic began to take hold of Europe and countries began to close their borders. As we are temporarily no longer able to offer young people an international experience, we decided to bring some important topics to them instead. We do this by means of 8 webinars in the month of July. The topics will be very diverse, going from mental wellbeing to sales, and will teach you the basics of some hard and soft skills. These skills may come in handy later in your career, so don't miss this opportunity!

Through these webinars we also want to give you a look behind the scenes and show you what AIESEC stands for. These skills are mostly developed when you are a member of our organization or when you go on an exchange. By hosting these webinars, we hope to offer you an educational and inspiring summer.

You can follow as many webinars as you want, however we do ask that you register in advance. This will be possible soon, so be sure to keep an eye on the website !

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