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Follow Herman Van Goethem and Corona Travel

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Herman Van Goethem (alumnus Law and History, Rector of the University of Antwerp since 2016)

“That we wouldn’t be able to travel. If they had said this to us in January, we wouldn’t have believed them. But now it’s a reality, for me, my colleagues and our students. That is why I wanted to alleviate the sadness about not being able to travel. I established an imaginary company: Corona Travel! Corona Travel is not your ordinary travel agency. This travel agency travels through time and space. We go on a journey through 19th c. Belgium.

Obviously, I don’t have a time machine. But I’ve been working on a growing collection of Belgian cityscapes for many years. Leaf through it and you’ll see many streets and squares that look strangely familiar, even though they look somewhat different… So join me on this journey and let’s explore these places together.

In the 19th c. travel was a privilege. Very few people could afford to travel to remote places, like the seaside. Corona Travel therefore mainly offers trips to the Antwerp we know, as well as short excursions to Mechelen and Ghent. And perhaps we may even make it all the way to Ostend. Which would be nice, considering we’re not currently allowed to visit the city ourselves.”

You can follow the adventures of Corona Travel, which are organised by Professor Van Goethem on his Facebook page: Herman Van Goethem. He also posts all kinds of information about the university there.


This article was written for fromyourkot.be, an online platform that was created in times of corona at the request of the University of Antwerp.

Are you keeping busy and staying creative in quarantine? Let us know!

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