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Exam tips from the Mahara student club

These students share their insights after the December exams. Follow their 3 golden tips for success!

1 Golden tip from Salaheddine Iaaroussi, student in civil engineering

“When I spend too much time on my own in a room, I start to talk to myself. Whole conversations. So don’t follow my example, make sure you get enough social contact.”

Watch the video here.

2 Golden tip from Christie Van Bijlen, medical student

“Before you start to study, write out your motivation on a piece of paper. Why did you choose this programme? It will help you when you’ve lost your motivation.”

Watch the video here.

3 Golden tip from Yousra Ikken, student in biomedical sciences

“Everyone has their own journey. Give yourself the time to make it at your own pace and don’t drive yourself crazy by putting too much pressure on yourself.”

Watch the video here.

You can find plenty of other tips on Mahara’s Facebook page. Go take a look!

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