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Can you cook and do you want to lend a hand?

Got some time on your hands? Are there days that you don’t know what to do with yourself? Do you feel bored? Do you love to cook? And are you a great cook?

The aid organisation Amana can use your chef’s skills!

Amana is an organisation that helps the homeless in Antwerp. Every weekend they prepare various tasty dishes, which they distribute to the homeless. The target audience is a group of 80 to 100 homeless people. They have joined forces with Victor (a centre for homeless people, CAW) for this.

Due to the corona measures, they have had to make some changes to how they work. Their priority continues to be helping the homeless. How are they currently proceeding?

  1. Because they are no longer allowed to cook together, they now ask volunteers to cook in their own homes.

  2. The volunteers distribute the meals themselves. This means using a car in many cases. The mileage is reimbursed.

  3. The volunteers receive a certificate from the police to ensure that they fulfil the measures regarding essential journeys.

  4. Due to the strict measures and the practical side of this aid, volunteers should not be in the centre at any time. They must only cook and distribute meals.

  5. Hot meals are more than welcome, but so are sweets. Volunteers are asked whether they can bake cakes or biscuits/cookies.

  6. Entrepreneurs and people in the hospitality industry are also welcome to help. Amana has an arrangement with a pizzeria: for every purchase of multiple pizzas, Amana receives a number of free pizzas, which can be distributed.

Do you want to help? You can contact Amana on this page. You can find more general information about the organisation on their website.

Not the greatest chef? Don’t want to inflict your lack of skills on others? You can make a (small) donation through this website.

Did you know that in addition to looking for chefs they are also searching for face masks and that you can help too? Find how to instructions on this website and contact Amana for delivery.

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